Ian Aldridge

The Person

Having lived in West Somerset since 1979 I almost qualify for local status.  Two of my children were born at home in Williton.  Originally trained to be a teacher and joined the profession in 1975.  I’ve also been a TV engineer, health service manager and fulfilled other very varied roles short term.  Now I am lucky to be retired and in good health.  My background is scientific and technical.  Many things interest me from music and theatre to travel and history.  Twice I studied with The Open University to obtain qualifications, first in science and technology and more recently a Law degree.  Although I take a great interest in politics I do not belong to a political party and have my own independent views on issues.  This allows me to work with other councillors whatever their personal persuasion where I agree with what they are trying to do.  I also will not back a proposal if I believe it to wrong.

Why be a councillor?  Because I feel passionately about issues affecting people in my community and believe it makes a difference if they have a strong voice in local government that is guided by a desire to see fairness for all.

I was elected to represent the interests of all the people in the Parish and in the District, whichever is appropriate.  If you think I can be of help get in touch by whatever means suits you best.  All I ask is your patience and understanding that there are limits to what is possible, but I will push those limits if need be.

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