Williton Parish Council

Williton Parish Council has two people working for it part-time.  Between them they staff the Parish Office every week day, but not all day.  See its website for opening hours.  The helpful staff are often the first port of call for members of the public with “council” problems.  If it is not the right council to sort out the problem they can advise which council and councillor(s) you should contact. 

The Parish Council runs services which could be described as “by the people for the people”.  From its small share of Council Tax it funds what it decides are beneficial services for the community of Williton.  Few of these services have to be provided.  The Council also provides grants to help other organisations provide services or to encourage local groups and clubs to continue adding to the variety of things that you can join in with.

The Parish Council is also a consultee on many matters such as planning applications.  As a consultee it only provides a local view, but does not make the final decision.

There should be twelve parish councillors, but often there are less than that.  A list of parish councillors is on the Council website with their contact details.  You can contact any of them if you have an issue you want them to know about.  I am one of them.  You can contact Ian Aldridge as a parish councillor by email here, phone me on 01984 634727, write to me at my address or knock on my door to speak to me face-to-face.